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Looking for Second-hand books in Kuwait?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Looking for used or second-hand books in Kuwait? Page Turner is the store you have been looking for all these years!

Page Turner is a second-hand online bookstore based in Kuwait, run by 4 siblings that upload, wrap, and hand deliver the books themselves. We have had thousands of books in our store of all kinds and types including bestsellers, massive collections, and unique finds.

Our books are primarily English ones, but we carry smaller collections of Arabic, French and German books. We are super proud to also carry local Kuwaiti books from authors such as Reem Almulla, Ghalia Alfoudari, and Haitham Alsarraf. As a local business ourselves, we find it quintessential to support the large pool of local talented authors.

At Page Turner, book lovers have chance to buy and sell their books with us. As passionate readers ourselves, we struggled to find books in Kuwait without either paying astronomically high prices or large shipping fees from Amazon. Accordingly, we founded Page Turner as a solution to this problem. The purpose of Page Turner was to serve as an online platform where you can purchase a book, read it and then sell it back to us as soon as you’re done with it and purchase your next book (without having to destroy your bank account in the process, hehe). We also pride ourselves on providing excellent delivery terms (1-2 days) so that our customers are not left to wait for days before they can get their hands on their books.

Our book genres include but are not limited to:

Young adult

- Romance

- Cookbooks

- Drama

- Non-fiction

- Biography

- Baby & toddler

- Comics

- Mystery & thriller

There might be larger bookstores in Kuwait, but no one can match our low prices and our unique finds. Our books range from modern day bestsellers to vintage books. Being a smaller organization also allows us to form personal connections with our customers. We know our customers on a personal basis; their locations, their book interests, their families.

Please contact us through our social media channels (@pageturnerkw) or by email at for absolutely anything at all.

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