Terms & Conditions

Orders to sell a book placed through Page Turner are forwarded to the Admin Team at Page Turner for display on Page Turner and are made available for sale.

Booksellers are requeseted to kindly take note of the following:

  • Upon submission of a request to Page Turner to sell a book by Booksellers, Page Turner will upload the information onto the page titled “Buy a Book” and make it available for purchase by potential Buyers.

  • The price displayed on Page Tuner alongside your book will be inclusive of a 15% commission rate which is the Service Fee charged by Page Turner for providing this platform for Booksellers.

  • The aforementioned service fee will be payable by the Buyer which ensures that Booksellers receive the amount they request for their book to be sold at.

Buyers are requested to kindly take note of the following:

  • Upon selection of a book or multiple books for purchase, the following charges will be applied by Page Turner:

    • Service Fee of 30% commission rate - rounded to the nearest 50 fils - charged by Page Turner per purchase for providing this platform for Booksellers payable by the Buyer.

    • Delivery Charge of KWD 1.500 per order (i.e. this charge does not alter based on the number of purchases and is hence fixed whether the order contains one purchase or several purchases).

Buyers authorize Page Turner to act as their representative solely to conclude the purchase and subsequent sale of the selected books available on Page Turner directly with the Booksellers on their behalf.

With respect to the condition of most used books, they are to be considered multiple use items and may contain some highlighting or writing. Even though Page Turner strives to provide books in the most acceptable condition (clean and completely free of writing and/or highlighting), some may be in this condition however Page Turner ensures that it will request for the condition of the book being sold to be stated by the Bookseller and state that information on this website accordingly.

If any of these items are received in unacceptable condition they will be discarded.

Page Turner simply facilitates transactions, and hence does not enter into any sale or purchase contract in its own name on behalf of Buyers or Booksellers.

Page Turner will strive in its best efforts to ensure that the information displayed is true, correct and accurate however Page Turner does not give any representation or warranty regarding any of the books, and has no control over or liability for the quality or legality of the books advertised or the truth or accuracy of the listings.

Page Turner may, in its discretion, change, suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, the whole or any part of this website at any time, for any reason, without any notice or liability to our Booksellers and Buyers.

Page Turner may, in its discretion, change, supplement or amend its policies, procedures, terms and conditions as they relate to future use of this website from time to time and without any notice or liability to our Booksellers and Buyers.

All data and information collected from You by Page Turner is treated confidentially respecting the privacy of our Booksellers and Buyers.

Buyers and Booksellers are encouraged to and are responsible for abiding to the terms and conditions stated and stipulated throughout this website.